Our Products

Premier Products boasts a growing range of highly effective products that guarantee results and satisfaction. Our range promises to ease car care for you both inside and on the outside of your vehicle.

Premier Wash & Wax

Premier Wash & Wax wipes away dirt, tar, bugs and more. Restore your vehicle’s shine. Stubborn marks are no match for Premier Wash & Wax.

Used and trusted by thousands of South-African car collectors, super cars owners and vintage car collectors, motorbike riders & airplane owners, this amazingly well-kept secret is now available for you to use on your car, bike, boat or plane.

Premier Dash

Premier Dash is designed to beautify and protect your car’s interior and exterior trims to keep your car looking in pristine condition all the while being protected from the heavy effects caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Used by professional auto detailers, Premier Dash is trusted by the best in the industry and is now available to you to use at home.

Premier Air

Say goodbye to bad odors with Premier Air, a pleasantly fragranced superior Air Neutralizer that actively removes bad odors from your car and office.

Premier Air does not only smell good but temporarily reduces airborne bacteria and eliminates smoke and odors cleaning the air with its glycolysis action leaving your car, home or office fresh and odorless.

Premier Touch

Essential to every woman’s handbag and car console. Premier Touch offers a clean scent that leaves hands and surfaces cool and dry.

A multi-purpose hand and surface cleanser that sanitises and evaporates quickly. No water, no mess and fuss.

Premier Fogger

Premier Fogger is a Disinfectant Aerosol Fogger & Sanitiser that is packaged for easy application in low capacity spaces such as cars, minibuses, taxi’s, offices, schools, rooms, bathrooms, houses, restaurants, gyms, movie theatres and governmental institutions.

Premier Fogger will also disinfect household surfaces, office furniture and appliances as well as personal items such as laptops & cellphones.

As recommended by the CDC, the Premier Fogger packs 70.3% alcohol content which makes it perfect to reduce the spreading of germs and viruses as it reduces microbes and pathogens.

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